Meet Sanctuous™, our wellness product line.

Sanctuous™ is a comprehensive offering of wellness products designed to provide the healthiest interior spaces possible. Our Sanctuous™ line of products has been vetted and approved by nutritionists, neurologists, engineers, and healthcare experts.

Water Filtration

Total system filtration provides the cleanest, purest, and best tasting water for every use.

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Air Purification

With one of our patented air purification systems installed in your home or business, your indoor air will be fresh, healthy, and free of pollutants and chemicals that all too commonly contaminate it today.

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The Sanctuous™ scent delivery system features advanced diffusion technology that converts liquid fragrance into a fine, dry, invisible mist and releases it directly into your environment.

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Aromatherapeutic Shower System

Showers that nourish your mind and body. Aromatherapeutic showers protect and nourish you by filtering out unwanted pollutants, then re-infusing the water with beneficial ingredients.

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Sourced from natural earth based plant and mineral components, Sanctuous™ paints are truly practical architectural coatings incorporating plant-based chemistry. Like the bark on a tree, they create a breathable layer inspired by mother nature herself.

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LED Circadian Lighting

Lighting to support your natural rhythm. Circadian lights create an ideal lighting environment that not only enhances productivity, but improves health and behavior.

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