The Sanctuous™ scent delivery system features advanced diffusion technology that converts liquid fragrance into a fine, dry, invisible mist and releases it directly into your environment.

Revolutionary Aromatherapy System

Invigorate your relationship with air and even with breathing itself.
HVAC Integrated
Aromatherapeutic benefits reach large areas with ease and distribute the scent evenly throughout any interior space.
Adjustable Scent Output
Remote control lets you quickly and easily control how often and at what intensity its all-natural fragrance is dispensed into your HVAC unit.
Built in Timer System
Customizable system enables automated shut-off during times where no one is in the space.
100% Natural Oils
We select only the purest, all natural essential oils to create our scents.
Mental Wellbeing

The scents released by the oil act on the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that influences the hormonal system. Individual responses to scents are highly personal, but a scent can affect your mood, metabolism, stress levels and libido.

Health impact of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is used to reduce stress, improve immune response, increase healing, reduce nausea and and much more.
Aromatherapy use in cancer recovery
Many essential oils can help increase the rate of healing throughout the body. This can be due to increased oxygen and blood flow to wounds as well as more internal healing processes like those following surgeries or illness.

Relieve anxiety, stress, and depression.
Mental and Emotional Impact
Lavender, rose, orange, bergamot, lemon, sandalwood, and other aromatherapeutic scents have been shown to relieve anxiety, stress, and depression. The scents stimulate positive emotions in the area of the brain responsible for memories and emotions.

Aides Cancer Recovery on use of aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is used to support those recovering cancer by reducing nausea and boosting immune functions.

Improve Gastrointestinal Health
Reduce nausea and ease stomache ailments
In medical settings, many women report that peppermint relieves nausea and vomiting during labor. Peppermint is also used during cancer recovery to help manage the nauseating effects of cancer treatments.

Support Immune System Functions
Improve Immune Functions
Chemical compounds from some essential oils have shown antibacterial and anti fungal properties. Citrus strengthens the immune system.
"Aromatherapy helped intensive care patients to feel less anxious and more positive immediately."
-Journal of Advanced Nursing

Scent Guide

Aromas with health benefits tailored to your environment.
Lavender oil is well known for its relaxation and healing properties. Lavender qualities are anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, and anti-depressant.
This herb is effective in relieving anxiety, pain, and vomiting, as well as improving memory. The aroma of peppermint oil has been shown to improve memory and raise alertness.
With its versatility and wonderfully uplifting aroma, orange oil is one of the most popular of essential oils. It creates a happy, relaxed feeling and works as a mood lifter. It also has anti-microbial qualities.
Custom Scents
Contact our apothecary to design the right scent for your hotel, commercial, or residential establishment.
Improved Health, Energy, and Sleep

Aromatherapy can improve your health, increase your energy, or help you sleep better. The therapeutic properties of plant oils have long been used to heal and support optimal health and wellness, including to balance emotions, disinfect, and create pleasing environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the health benefits of aromatherapy include its ability to reduce anxiety, ease depression, boost energy levels, speed up the healing process, eliminate headaches, boost cognitive performance, induce sleep, strengthen the immune system, reduce pain, improve digestion, and increase circulation.

We provide an almost unlimited variety of scents. Choose from dozens of scents or create your own. Please contact us for more information.

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