Whether it's a sailing yacht, or a motor yacht, your vessel can benefit from Sanctuous™ health & wellness systems.

The Sanctuous™ Yacht Line is a comprehensive and holistic approach for improving our physical and psychological well being. By improving the health conditions in the air, water, light, and other environmental factors Sanctuous™ products transform your yacht into a wellness sanctuary.

Why Wellness for Yachting?

Air Purification
Our energy efficient, multi-layered purification system eliminates airborne spores, germs, and bacteria often found in yachts.
Our customizable scent system disperses uplifting aromas via yacht ventilation systems.
Environmental Probiotics
Infuse chemical-free, micron-size probiotics into the air to reduce foul odors, eliminate pollutants & vastly improve air quality.
Water Filtration
Filter 99% of heavy metals and water-born chemicals, eliminate harmful organisms, and significantly reduce parasites, lead & bacteria.
Aromatherapeutic Showers
Nourish the body by eliminating pollutants & hard-water deposits and replacing them with an infusion of organic vitamins & collagen.
LED Healthy Lighting System
Revolutionary lighting system adjusts to the body’s natural rhythms, controlling light intensity & supporting your health.
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Comprehensive Yachting Wellness Products

A comprehensive line of products for the Yachting Industry.

Comprehensive interior wellness, in any space.

We are dedicated to transforming the places we live, work, and study, into healing spaces.

Turn home and condominium developments into wellness sanctuaries that pamper inhabitants.
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