Provide guests with the latest trends in wellness, helping improve the health of your clients while improving marketability and profitability of your hotel.


The Sanctuous™ Hotel Line is a comprehensive and holistic approach for improving the physical and psychological well being during hotel stays. By improving the indoor air, lighting, sleeping experience, bathing, and indoor environment, Sanctuous™ improves a client’s stay.


Increased Relaxation
Rooms designed to increase relaxation throughout the day and minimize the stress created by traveling.


Better Night Sleep
Guests enjoy more restful and uninterrupted night sleep.

Reduced Jet Lag
Guests coming from long flights will getter better rest to minimize the negative consequences of jet lag.

Improved Health
Guests can stay in rooms that are not only comfortable, but actually regenerate and improve their health.

25% Higher Room Rates

Hotel wellness rooms are the new standard in guest satisfaction. Wellness branded rooms command higher rates and result in higher overall guest satisfaction.

Comprehensive Residential Wellness Products

A comprehensive line of products for the Residential Industry.

Comprehensive interior welless, in any space.

We are dedicated to transforming the places we live, work, and study, into healing spaces.